Terry’s Trip Pt3

WOW! This has been a rough few days. This is the BEST place to train
dogs! HUGE fields and nice ewe range lambs. The dogs are getting
tons of work. I trained for four hours on Wed a.m. Went out again in
the afternoon. hardly anyone entered in the trial so no points to
speak of. However, we get to go out and train in the afternoon to fix
our problems. Placed 2 & 3 w/ Zu & Bryce. Pups struggling w/ sheep
but getting better but the course is smaller than I like so moving
them to Open non comp. I am staying here today and leaving for Colo
I have walked 5 miles at least over rough fields these last days and
getting tired!
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Terry’s Trip Pt2

safely arrived today. Truck pulled RV well. T storms and rain
today. Will work tomorrow.
Guess who is here? Alistair McRae & Hub Holmes. Competition tougher
than Meeker
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Updates from the road to the USBCHA Nationals

My instructor Terry Parrish (Action K9 Sports) is on her way with 4 dogs, a brand new (to her) 5th wheel trailer to Carbondale, CO via New Mexico where she will compete ahead of the finals.

She is sending reports by email from road and I am going to post them here, she is also planning to do some blogging as well. Those I will excerpt and link out to her blog.

USBCHA Sheep Dog Trials

First report

I made it to Winslow AZ today. Truck pulled RV effortlessly as I was
coasting along @ 70 mph thru most of AZ
Found a spot to park near the Flying J so will stay here for the night
Dogs didnt know what to make of the back seat of the truck. Nearly
lost Quinn & Bryce at a fuel stop. Jumped out and didn’t want to get
back in.
— Terry

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She’s BACK!!

From my instructor Terry Parrish:

It’s been a LONG, LONG time but I am pleased to announce the opening of another LA Herding Training Facility in Chino. It’s at Peak Performance Dog Sports, 5 minutes off I 60.

The format will be the same as before; 30 minute, private sessions and we train YOU to work your dog. Due to the heat, lessons are Sat evening/Sun morning but as weather cools we will be doing Sundays only. At the present, I will be going up every two – three weeks, not every week.

If you are in the LA area and interested in testing your dog or want lessons from the best (IMHO) you can reach her at terry@actionk9sports.com or blazingbc@aol.com

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Cows are fun!

Hey, not like that! This past weekend I participated in my first trial with cows rather than sheep. I have never had as much fun herding I as I did on this run.

I had 12 minutes to move 4 cows from one holding pen through a couple of gates, sort one off and put the other 3 into a trailer at the end of the course. Plenty of time, right?

I had one practice session the weekend before. Surprisingly enough that was probably plenty of practice. The 2 things I got out the practice was that cows are not drawn to the handler like sheep are and they also have no real interest in hanging together. So I was prepared for those issues. Since I ran somewhere in the middle of group I was also prepared for the fact that the cows didn’t want to leave the hay once they were on it.

Scot was great, he took direction well and knew just what to do to keep the cows moving. He was aggressive when he needed to be and on two occasions one command was enough for him to bring back a stray. I plain got goosebumps when I had penned 3 of the 4 cows and asked him to bring me the fourth. He brought it back and as I stepped away from the pen it went right in with the others.

It was about then the crowd was letting me know I was running out of time. I had wasted too much time getting the cross drive between the gates instead of just going on the original attempt.

The judge shouted time, but I went ahead and finished just so I could say I did. There was only one other competitor that finished at all in the level 1 group so I was happy.

The second place ribbon was just icing. If you have a strong dog you really need to try cattle herding.

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Come on people Wolves are NOT dogs

Wolves are not dogs and should be treated accordingly. This should never happen. Not to dogs, wolves or horses!

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Lessons from stockhandling

One of my favorite things about have border collies and being involved in herding is stockhandling. I consider stockhandling the real part of herding. Trials are fun, but are all prep for 3-10 minutes of work.

A few weeks ago Scot and I worked the border collie trial in Poway. This was three days with a LOT of dogs and we competed on Friday, but just worked on Saturday and Sunday. Since this was a big trial in a big field there were several us to move the sheep from the pen to the post and exhausting the sheep to another pen. The best part is when we moved about 100 sheep, all at once, from the exhaust pen to the holding pen. It’s a real thrill to move that many sheep, most times with multiple dogs.

This past weekend I was the ‘head’ stockhandler. It was my responsibility to set sheep in the big pen and geese in the smaller pen. This was a trial for corgis only, both Pembroke and Cardigan. This was my second year working this trial and my first with “you’re in charge” part attached.

The photo gives you my perspective from the stock area in the big pen. You can see the small hay pile to the right. At the dog handler’s signal I open the gate (bottom of photo) and push out the sheep. The goal is to gently push the sheep out to the hay so as to keep them calm as possible for the competitors. As soon as they settle the handler sends the dog. After watching nearly every run, many didn’t wait long enough and ended up having the sheep leave the hay early.

My major goal was to keep the animals as calm as possible so they would be settled and not spooked when I handed them over for there run

Stockhandling for Corgi trial

My View from the sheep pen out to the competition area

A good run lasts about 3-4 minutes, but the more that goes awry then longer the run. So in this trial most ran 5-8 minutes. In the meantime myself along with Scot and a helper to help with gates. I love the close work with the sheep, it teaches me skills working close to the sheep and helps Scot stay focused, and careful on close work. The toughest thing for me, at least early, was to keep Scot from diving or darting in on the sheep. I think he feels that’s fun. I call it ‘flossing.’ You know, that thing you just need to do first thing?

I would have had more photos or even video, the wind was very strong and I really wasn’t up to get sand in my gear.

The next event I plan on attending is the Vista Highland Games. This event is one of the best in the area if you are interested in spectating. While it’s a bit of a haul from LA, it’s well worth the trip. The games are going on, there is good food, a great area to watch from and even an announcer to help you keep up and understand. Come join us!

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ACDCGLA Cattle Classic & AHBA HTAD Cattle & Sheep Trials

ACDCGLA Cattle Classic

The “Cattle Classic” presented by the Australian Cattle Dog Club of Greater Los Angeles, Inc. Licensed by the American Kennel Club Herding Test & Herding Trials Test and Trials open to all dogs nine (9) months of age or older that are registered with The American Kennel Club and have been accepted into the herding program are eligible to participate in herding tests and trials. For a complete listing of the breeds eligible to participate in the AKC herding program, please visit the AKC website at http://www.akc.org/events/herding/eligible_breeds.cfm.
Each day one All Breed Cattle Trial and one Sheep & Duck Trial Tests on sheep only Each day one Australian Cattle Dog Only Cattle Trial and one Sheep & Duck Trial Tests on sheep only
These events will be held outdoors. T. A. S.K. Farms
Giamillo Rd. & Leona Ave. Leona Valley, CA 93551
Saturday, April 2, 2011
Sunday, April 3, 2011
Event Hours: 6:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., or conclusion of tests/trials
Tests offered: Herding Test and Pre-Trial Test – Sheep Courses offered: Course A – All Levels – Cattle, Sheep & Ducks

Download premium for 2011 ACDCGLA Herding Premium

AHBA HTAD Cattle & Sheep Trials

– Want an extra day of cattle trials?
– How about three?
– You got it!

T. A. S. K. Farms April 1, 2011 April 8, 2011 & May 13, 2011 HTAD Cattle Course 3 (Gather) Level 1, 2, & 3
HTAD Sheep Course 3 (Gather)
Level 1, 2, & 3
Silver Belt Buckle Awarded for: High Combined Cattle High Combined Sheep High Combined Cattle & Sheep
Scores combined from all three Trials

Download entry premium for the AHBA HTAD Cattle & Sheep Trial

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Herding trials for April 2010

Look what fun is coming in April and May!!
It’s not to late the enter these trials:
E-mail Jan McAninch if you re worried that your entry won’t arrive in time!

April 1, 2011
AKC–Belgian Tervuren Club of Southern California

Bel Canto Ranch, Lancaster, CA
Course C
Course A-sheep
HT, PT-sheep
Entries close Monday, March 21

April 2, 2011
AKC–Belgian Sheepdog Club of America

Bel Canto Ranch, Lancaster, CA
Course C
Entries close Monday, March 21

April 8, 2011

Top C Ranch, Leona Valley, CA
HTAD #3 Sheep
HTAD #3 Cattle
Pre-entries close Monday, April 4

April 9, 10, 2011
AKC–Border Collie Club of Greater Los Angeles

TASK Farms/Top C Ranch Leona Valley, CA
Course A-sheep
Course B-sheep
Course A-ducks
Tests: HT, PT
Entries close Monday, March 28

May 6, 2011

Top C Ranch, Leona Valley, CA
HTAD #3 Sheep
HTAD #3 Cattle
Pre-entries close Monday, May 2

Premiums are available for down load on my website:
www.jan.mcaninch.net click on ‘Coming Events-Herding’

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Action K9 Sports “Rollin' In Clover” Trial

We had a GREAT weekend, Scot and I. We had 2 runs in Ranch (beginning) class on Friday, in Poway, CA. This was a USBCHA sanctioned trial and was a 3 day event. Ranch and Pro Novice each had 2 runs on Friday with Open and Nursery dogs with one run each on Saturday and Sunday.

I was there all weekend to run Scot and, more importantly work helping put the trial on. Mostly I set sheep for the competitors, but also did whatever was asked.

Scot 'holding' sheep

Scot 'holding' sheep

I ran Ranch for several reasons including not much practice over the last few months, my whistles still SUCK and, well, lack of confidence. After the weekends results the only reason left is crappy whistles. Scot was as good as he has ever been for me and I didn't stink up the joint like I did at the recent AKC trial. We ended up winning both runs! WOOHOO! We managed to drive from the post to the pen (not required in Ranch) on both runs. The fetch was our low point in both runs, probably because the lift wasn't in the straight line to the post.

Resting up for next task

Scot is resting between sets

On Saturday we spent all day moving the sheep from the holding pen to the set-point for Open then Nursery classes. Scot did a great job keeping the sheep calm and settled until the competing dogs lifted. He did great all day, nice wide outruns to pick them up from the pen, calm drives to the hay and mostly went the direction I wanted him to instead of where HE wanted to go. Calm and smooth. Working is so much fun, even more so than competing.

Scot 'holds' sheep as competing dogs prepares to lift

Scot 'holds' sheep as competing dogs prepares to lift

By the end of the day he was more than a little tired. He wanted to end the walk sooner and sooner and his outruns got rounder and rounder. Sunday wasn't as sharp. He did fine, but his little brain was clearly fried from all the work on Friday and Saturday. Overall though he did absolutely great. I was very happy and pleased.

As you can see the venue was beautiful and the weather was nearly perfect with clear skies and temps in the high 60s to low 70s. You can see some more photos here Below is a video from the weekend with trial host and my instructor Terry Parrish in one of her Nursery runs. I believe the dog is Duke.

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