My first trial

Last year I clerked the sheepdog trials at the Vista Highland Games. This year I jumped off the deep end.

Last year I just started learning to herd with a almost 2-year-old border collie. This year I have my ‘special needs’ bc and the new guy.

Last year I watched and learned about herding by helping the judge. This year I competed for the first time and worked the pens helping to set up the sheep for the other competitors.

This year I found a whole new level of exhaustion and learned so much more. I worked Scot on the grounds and in the pen and we both learned a lot. I learned much from him and he is starting to learn to work with me.

I used Scot to move the sheep into the chute and to control the movement in the pen. We also practiced outruns and fetches on the sheep coming back up the exhaust area when the other handlers were finished and moved them back to the pen.

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