The new guy

The new guy takes a break

The new guy takes a break

Here is one of the better photos of Scotty since I've gotten him. He is wondering what hell I'm doing and where are the sheep. I am SOO happy that he has fit in so well. Since he has had no experience in being a house dog I am quite surprised that I have had no issues. He lifted his leg once, I yelled before anything happened and there have been no incidents since and I've even stopped crating him at night.

Not only is Beag getting along I believe it is helping her in so many ways. She seems more healthy and she is more engaged when I am doing other things. It has been so funny watching her trying to get Scotty to play. He doesn't seem to understand the concept, but as she continues to try I expect he'll come around eventually.

Herding with him has been a bit of an adventure. Good and occasionally frustrating for both of us I am sure. My confidence isn't high since I haven't been working much with Beag's health so in some ways I am starting from scratch and making plenty of mistakes. I think on some occasions he is testing me. I know damn well he knows the difference between 'away to me' and 'go by' but he manages to go his own way often enough.

Oddly, or maybe not, he has done the best with me on our first lesson with his former owner, Terry. He was real responsive to my commands and not overly drawn to Terry. It was very fun and encouraging.

Today, however, did not go as well. It was the afternoon, instead of the morning and that may have had something to do with it. I need to continue to work on whistles and that may help as well. Either way I am excited to be herding once again.

More soon, the urbanherder.

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  2. Tierney Graham says:

    I am so glad you are getting along with Scotty, he was one of my favorite Terry dogs. Except when he chases the quad tires and I have to swerve to avoid running him over.

  3. urbanherder says:

    He likes to bite at my bicycle tires as well . . . I would love to cure him of that so he can go mountain biking with me.

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