Step one and a lesson learned

I spent part of Thanksgiving working what will be my ‘new’ dog; Getting to know her and her to know, and trust me. I plan on running her in January at the SD Classic. Hopefully she will also be spending some time at home ahead of the trial.


Since she really doesn’t know me I started her in the arena just moving sheep around, simple flanking with stops and walk ups. For the most part she would take the commands as long as I positioned myself correctly for her to take those visual clues. So I did this for about 20 minutes until her tongue was lolling. I let her get some water and took Scot out to work him.

Oh. My. Gosh!! I had heard that dogs would experience something like jealousy, but not sure I really believed it. But Scot was clearly agitated at me working another dog and when I finally let him loose to work I saw a dog I rarely see. Obedient to the point of surprise he was even stopping when I asked instead of sneaking in a few extra steps. This includes a decent drive, something he hates to do under most circumstances.

The change was staggering. I look forward to tormenting Scot in this way many times in the future!


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