The Next Dog Conundrum

I presently have two border collies, one is a working dog the other a “Barbie Doll Border Collie” and doesn’t work. She also has Canine Addison’s and has no interest in working although she did a little before she was diagnosed. She is the reason I’m into herding.

Both BC’s are almost seven and Scot doesn’t have the stamina he used to. He is still an awesome stock dog, to use to set, move and hold for trials, my favorite part by the way. I like the work, stock setting, to actual trialling any day. His other issue is two-fold. First is that he is stubborn, very. Mostly I have dealt with this and he works well for me. However the other part of this is he HATES driving.

If you don’t know, driving is basically the opposite of fetching. You are moving the sheep away from you. Scot is fine with this up to the point where he knows I can’t ‘reach’ him to correct. Then he’ll overcorrect until he is circling around and starting to fetch. This limit something around 50-75 yards away from me or the post. So on AKC A or B courses he fine, but for USBCHA, beyond ranch level you need a drive. He has titled in both A and B so really USBCHA is all there is.

So, enter thinking about a new dog. My herding teacher and breeder already has a dog picked out for me and she’s a sweetie. BUT, can I handle another dog, another border collie, a younger, more energetic border collie?

I live in a small house, basically a two-car garage converted to a house. It’s perfect for me, don’t want anything larger. Will another dog make the place too small? Will the extra shedding push me over the edge? Do I want the added expense of more dog food, more dog treats, more vet costs? More, more, more.

This will probably be a mistake on my part and brilliant from her breeder, but I do have the opportunity to bring the new dog home for a trial period. I figure when I do that I’ll probably be hooked. Maybe. We’ll see.

I’d love to see comments on whether you think dog number three is a good or a bad idea.

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