Preventing Dog Bites

Another awesome post by Patricia McConnell over on her blog The Other End of the Leash

A million years ago, my first Border Collie Drift lept up and nipped a man’s nose at the Wisconsin State Fair. Even though the man was clearly not injured, with virtually not even a red spot on his nose, I was shook up and appalled. He was furious. “Your dog attacked me!”

Well, he did. Just because the man wasn’t injured didn’t mean he didn’t feel attacked. And it didn’t mean that I didn’t feel horrible.

This is something as a URBAN herder I worry about all the time. My dogs, while pets are not all that people friendly. My ‘people friendly’ female, Beag thinks you throwing a frisbee is WAY better than pet you can give her. And she is NOT receptive to people invading space, this is even more true if you happen to be canine. She probably wouldn’t bite, but I don’t know that for sure. So if it isn’t your dogs watch carefully and be certain to watch for signs of discomfort from any dog you approach.

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