It’s about ‘Balance’

A great new post on balance from Patricia McConnell on her great blog “The Other End of the Leash

“Balance is a term used by sheep dog handlers, but I find myself thinking of its value in so many other contexts related to dogs.

“In sheep herding, “balance” refers to a dog’s ability to place itself exactly where he or she needs to be to take control of the sheep without frightening them. It refers to two things really. One is the distance between the dog and the sheep. Too far away? — no control, no pressure. Too close? — forces the sheep to run away in a panic, or to turn and fight. Just right? Exactly at the point at which the sheep will turn and move away from the dog without panicking. . . [READ MORE]

Not only does it ring true with herding it fits what I believe we should look for our urban dogs that have no interest in herding. Check it out.


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