“Oh! You mean THAT awee.”

This past Sunday (12/18/2011) I went to an American Herding Breed Association trial held by my club and at my instructor’s place, Action K9 Sports

Now to be fair to Scot we have had very little practice in the last few months due to several things including me looking for and starting a new job. That on top of lack of light in the evenings, plus to be fair, a certain amount of slackness on my part and we have done very little work so prep was on the low-side.

I have done one AHBA trial before this and it was only HRD II. The video below is from my first ever HTD II run, but it is basically the same course as AKC’s B course.

You’ll note the van behind the post. The rain had started a little earlier and instead of throwing up a canopy or other choices she decided to drive over and sit in the car to judge. Fine by me, but a bit entertaining . . .

Scot did an OK outrun and fair fetch. Things were fine as the sheep rounded the post. The draw is back to screen-right where the sheep are penned so I need to watch that. As I fetched the sheep toward the first set of panels you can see I was trusting Scot to do as I commanded so my eye was on the stock. All was well at first then you can hear me give an ‘awee,’ but Scot decides he would rather ‘go bye.’ As you can see I didn’t notice until the sheep didn’t react as I would have expected them to . . .

So as soon as I realized I stopped him and tried to get him around. About the time he finally took the correct command you can hear Bill who was recording for me utter the title of the this post.

All in all it wasn’t an awful run and we did place 3rd. We also placed third in HRD II which would have been WAY better had a practiced placement some before hand. I made a couple of dumb mistakes, but Scot was much better.

Not a bad effort all considered.

SPVHC AHBA Trial Dec. 18, 2011

Russell and Otis wait their turn. Click to see more photos . . .

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