Cows are fun!

Hey, not like that! This past weekend I participated in my first trial with cows rather than sheep. I have never had as much fun herding I as I did on this run.

I had 12 minutes to move 4 cows from one holding pen through a couple of gates, sort one off and put the other 3 into a trailer at the end of the course. Plenty of time, right?

I had one practice session the weekend before. Surprisingly enough that was probably plenty of practice. The 2 things I got out the practice was that cows are not drawn to the handler like sheep are and they also have no real interest in hanging together. So I was prepared for those issues. Since I ran somewhere in the middle of group I was also prepared for the fact that the cows didn’t want to leave the hay once they were on it.

Scot was great, he took direction well and knew just what to do to keep the cows moving. He was aggressive when he needed to be and on two occasions one command was enough for him to bring back a stray. I plain got goosebumps when I had penned 3 of the 4 cows and asked him to bring me the fourth. He brought it back and as I stepped away from the pen it went right in with the others.

It was about then the crowd was letting me know I was running out of time. I had wasted too much time getting the cross drive between the gates instead of just going on the original attempt.

The judge shouted time, but I went ahead and finished just so I could say I did. There was only one other competitor that finished at all in the level 1 group so I was happy.

The second place ribbon was just icing. If you have a strong dog you really need to try cattle herding.

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