Action K9 Sports “Rollin' In Clover” Trial

We had a GREAT weekend, Scot and I. We had 2 runs in Ranch (beginning) class on Friday, in Poway, CA. This was a USBCHA sanctioned trial and was a 3 day event. Ranch and Pro Novice each had 2 runs on Friday with Open and Nursery dogs with one run each on Saturday and Sunday.

I was there all weekend to run Scot and, more importantly work helping put the trial on. Mostly I set sheep for the competitors, but also did whatever was asked.

Scot 'holding' sheep

Scot 'holding' sheep

I ran Ranch for several reasons including not much practice over the last few months, my whistles still SUCK and, well, lack of confidence. After the weekends results the only reason left is crappy whistles. Scot was as good as he has ever been for me and I didn't stink up the joint like I did at the recent AKC trial. We ended up winning both runs! WOOHOO! We managed to drive from the post to the pen (not required in Ranch) on both runs. The fetch was our low point in both runs, probably because the lift wasn't in the straight line to the post.

Resting up for next task

Scot is resting between sets

On Saturday we spent all day moving the sheep from the holding pen to the set-point for Open then Nursery classes. Scot did a great job keeping the sheep calm and settled until the competing dogs lifted. He did great all day, nice wide outruns to pick them up from the pen, calm drives to the hay and mostly went the direction I wanted him to instead of where HE wanted to go. Calm and smooth. Working is so much fun, even more so than competing.

Scot 'holds' sheep as competing dogs prepares to lift

Scot 'holds' sheep as competing dogs prepares to lift

By the end of the day he was more than a little tired. He wanted to end the walk sooner and sooner and his outruns got rounder and rounder. Sunday wasn't as sharp. He did fine, but his little brain was clearly fried from all the work on Friday and Saturday. Overall though he did absolutely great. I was very happy and pleased.

As you can see the venue was beautiful and the weather was nearly perfect with clear skies and temps in the high 60s to low 70s. You can see some more photos here Below is a video from the weekend with trial host and my instructor Terry Parrish in one of her Nursery runs. I believe the dog is Duke.

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