Mission statement

I thought I would take a few minutes to lay out here what I hope to accomplish with this site. This is not only to let all 5 readers get an idea of what to expect here, but to lay out publicly what I hope to make this site into.

The idea came from a conversation with a co-worker as I told my urban friends what kind of activities I do on the weekends. The looks I get when I tell my very city co-workers and friends that I herd sheep on the weekends is priceless, and after doing this multiple times I started to think of names for what I/we do. After some back and forths with co-workers I came up with name or idea of urban herder. About that time my co-worker suggested, I am sure he was kidding, that it sounded like a good name for a web site, urbanherder.com. 

About that time the lightbulb went on and I thought “why not?” So I logged onto my hosting provider to see if that URL was available. So I registered it and started thinking about what that meant.

As I told people about the idea, the response was a lot more than I expected. My herding instructor, Terry Parrish in particular seemed interested, and so this site was born.

As of today, my idea is to make this a place for people to learn about herding. Not so much people who are around stock, but city people. In the beginning I am certain that will apply to city folk around Los Angeles, since that's where I am, and so have access to direct information about this area. 

But if this site is successful I hope to add contributors from other cities that have interest in getting their dogs into what they were bred for. As Americans increase their love affairs with man's (and women's) best friend the dog, we need ways to keep them healthy. All of us want our dogs to be healthy and since many of us want smart dogs that means dogs bred for work.

I started herding to make sure I had TOTAL control over my dog. I want her to stay when I tell her stay and come when I say it and everything I read said by working with your dog on an area where they are totally engaged you build trust and with trust comes real obedience. Then a real strange thing happened. I got hooked on herding.

As I got more involved in herding and my fellow city dwellers had questions and so here we are.

About urbanherder

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5 Responses to Mission statement

  1. Karen Rawers says:

    Blair –

    Pax I have have started Herding too!!! We went to an AKC experience and there was a Herding Instinct Test and I figured for $40, why not? Now we drive up to Palmdale twice a week to practice at TASK farms with Terry Kenney. We are hoping to go for title in January. But mostly we do it for the same reason you do, to work as a team with my dog, watch him do something we was “meant” to do, and mostly beacuse we LOVE it.

    See you on the course.

    Karen and Pax (the herding Kuvasz)

  2. admin says:

    That’s great and great to hear from you! I’ll look that up and it to my list of trainers. Any extra info you can send I’d love to add it.


  3. Ian Gross says:

    Pretty cool idea Blair.

    I might need to talk to you about setting up a site for my biz.


  4. Karen says:

    Blair –

    I just found out that Terry has a website. Task farms can be found at TASKfarms.com. I love working with Terry. Are you going to the AHBA trail at his farm in Leona Valley in January? Pax and I are going.


  5. Deron says:

    Impressive, Blair. But then, this isn’t the first time you’ve surprised and impressed me at the same time. Speaking of herding (sorta), my wife used to run obedience runs with her dog(s). Now days she is just a lady that insists on strict sit/wait/release at doors plus other remnants of well-trained dog training. I suspect if there is any herding going on, I am the sheep in this herd of family.

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