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Disaster and getting yelled at

Yeah, I know I ended not only a sentence with a preposition but a headline, but it’s appropriate to this story . . . It’s a tale of getting in a bit over your head and having trust in your … Continue reading

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A new kind of frustration and handler error

I participated in my first AHBA trial 3 weeks ago down at I had never done this type of trail before and I was told by my instructor that I should START with level 2 HRD. Unlike the AKC … Continue reading

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It’s a small world

I went to grab a quick lesson with Terry out at Christy’s place in Norco. I always try to get there early to relax and get Scot in frame of mind that doesn’t include being wired from an hour in … Continue reading

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Learning Whistles

I am finding getting whistles correct a tough task. I can blow everything but the stop pretty well and semi-consistent. Scot already knows whistle from his time with Terry, but I guess I need to get closer to the pitch … Continue reading

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