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A puppy urbanherder’s first time

Here is ‘Rev’ facing sheep for the first time with Doug Manley. Rev is Belgain Tervuren and is less than a year old. To my semi-educated eye he looks great for a first timer. Rev is owned by Dave Musikoff.

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Herding commands

Not that I have trained with many people, all of 2 different, but I have noticed in reading as well as training that there are basic commands that everyone uses, BUT they can differ a bit. Away to me:  The … Continue reading

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A really good article

In my opinion of course . . . First Time at the Post From Excerpt: “In 1982, Pip, my first Border Collie, and I ran our first novice/novice trial at the Virginia State Fair. Pip was a young farm … Continue reading

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What stuff means

As I have gained interest in herding I have run across a ton of terms where I had no idea what the hell they were talking about. Actually after doing this for something close to a year there are still … Continue reading

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From the mouths of babes . . .

Here is a touching story from another dog park friend. I liked it so much I just had to post it here for all 12 of you to see. Enjoy! And thanks to Susan for sending it. -bike-guy  A Dog’s … Continue reading

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Whistle Commands

As you improve you work further and further from your dog and voice commands become problematic. Here is a video I made so I could learn to whistle. I sent the video I made for myself to Terry my instructor so she … Continue reading

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Mission statement

I thought I would take a few minutes to lay out here what I hope to accomplish with this site. This is not only to let all 5 readers get an idea of what to expect here, but to lay … Continue reading

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Step one . . .

I have added a bunch of links to all the herding info I could find this morning. I have broken them down into categories. Events, Associations, trainers, etc. If you have anything I missed, and I know I have, please … Continue reading

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OK – it’s a start

This is the first pass at getting this site started. I am hoping to spend some of my upcoming holiday time getting this site filled out with as much starting information on many of the resources I can get together … Continue reading

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